Modular Transforms Construction

  • Speed to Market
    • Faster design to build process means revenues can be generated
    • Factory construction more efficient than on-site construction
  • Cost Savings
    • Faster Design Process
    • Better forecasting
    • Less Waste
    • Building in a safe and controlled environment inside saves 2% in
      onsite insurance costs because of reduced onsite workforce
  • Sustainability
    • Detailed production drawings result in accurate quantity take offs
      so material ordering is more precise and less is wasted:
    • 2-5% waste vs. >15% waste
  • Safer Construction
    • 60% less onsite workers
    • No required scaffolding because of self sealing facade
    • Almost all material deliver to the site in the mods
    • almost all onsite workers work inside the mods
  • Reduced On-site Disruption and Neighborhood Impact
    • 48% less deliveries after foundation
    • 70% less workers after foundation means less time and work onsite
  • Enhanced Value and Quality
    • Precision engineering means modular buildings are as strong or
      stronger than conventional because of precision engineering