Full Stack Modular is the next-generation answer to multi-family urban building.

We provide turnkey modular solutions for developers of residential buildings, hotels and dormitories. From luxury apartments to student housing, we manufacture buildings in a controlled environment and allow you to see your building complete with finishes before its arrival to the final site.

Our team of design, construction and manufacturing professionals is on the forefront of innovation in the construction industry. We built the tallest modular building in the world, right here in our home in Brooklyn New York and we’re changing the way the future is built.

Our unique method engineers speed, cost-control and quality into every aspect of the design process. As a result we can deliver an ultra-high quality product that beats conventional construction to market by months.

Modular Buildings are:

  • Faster to Build
  • Safer
  • More Sustainable
  • Less Disruptive to the Neighborhood
  • Time Predictable
  • Cost Certain

Start with us on day one and Full Stack Modular will develop a plan of action from design to installation. Bring us a lot and your desired program, and we will do the rest.