Production Model and Manufacturing

Full Stack Modular is the next-generation answer to multi-family urban building.

FSM’s In-Factory Manufacturing Process

  • Modular residential units or hotel rooms are constructed unit-byunit in a climate controlled factory environment (not piece-bypiece and trade-by-trade as in conventional building)
  • Using BIM and other technologies, we streamline communication and decision making among architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners across all functional areas.
  • Similar to assembly line process, empty “mod” frames enter the factory and completed units leave the factory to be assembled on site.
  • Mods are leave the factory essentially finished and installed with:
    • Bathrooms including plumbing, fixtures and accessories.
    • Walls and doors painted including hardware.
    • Kitchens, including appliances, cabinets, and light fixtures.
    • All electrical fixtures electrical wiring and low voltage wiring in
  • Finally, exterior facades are attached to the mods at the factory and the units are then weather-wrapped for storage and/or truck transport to
    the site.