Modular building offers an efficient, quality driven alternative to traditional construction.


The FullStack advantage.


Greater time and cost predictability

A Design for Manufacturing and Assembly process and use of repetitive components makes it easy to calculate project timeline and cost.


Offsite construction

80% of construction occurs off-site, resulting in fewer deliveries and reduced neighborhood impact.


Speed to market

You can expect time savings of 25% or more.


Fewer onsite workers

Repeated manufacturing processes expedite timeline, so each development can open and generate revenue sooner.

< 5%

Construction waste

Conventional construction generates 15% or more material waste on a typical project.


Days without an accident

All work is performed at the ground level with complete weather protection, resulting in extremely safe work conditions.

Building onwards.

Manufacturing allows for continuous improvement versus construction.

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Higher quality. Cost and time predictability. Safer. Less waste. Reduced on-site work. Speed to market.
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