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Traditional Process:

The existing Design-Bid-Build Process (DBB) runs serially, with each phase relying on the completion ot the previous. Also, designs are made with minimum builder input, often leading to time and cost overruns.

Our Process: Design-Manufacture-Construct

In the new Design-Manufacture-Construct Process (DMC), project phases run concurrently. This allows for cost and time savings, and cost can be established with greater certainty much earlier in the process.

By the Numbers

25% Max Lower Building Cost

Developers can expect time savings of up to 25%. Developers can expect time savings of up to 25%.

80% Greater Time & Cost Certainty

Our process and the use of repetitive components can make it easy to accurately calculate timelines.

20% - 50% Faster Development

Our modular process can deliver expedited timelines, meaning buildings can open and generate revenue sooner.

80% Less Neighborhood Disruption

80% of construction occurs offsite. Fewer deliveries and less active time at the site can result in dramatically less disruption.

70% Safer Work Conditions

All work is performed at ground level with complete weather protection, resulting in extremely safe work conditions.

67% Less Waste

Conventional construction generates 15% or more material waste on a typical project. Our process is able to keep it under 5%.

The FullStack Advantage

Best-in-Class Structural System

Our proprietary steel chassis design has many unique advantages — including the ability to resist both vertical and lateral loads. This allows us to construct buildings up to 65 stories, much higher than anyone else in the industry

Self-Sealing Facade

Our proprietary, customizable facades are factoryinstalled and utilize a self-sealing gasket design. This makes scaffolding a thing of the past, which can improve construction site safety and greatly expedite construction time.

Integrated Solutions

FullStack Modular provides a fully integrated solution to developers. Our company has a strategic alliance with Plaza Construction and can provide GMP and bonding.

Built-In Sustainability

Our design process makes a complete analysis of both the embodied and operational carbon in the buildings we make. We work with best-in-class energy modeling solutions, and continually seek out and improve our low-carbon supply chain to ensure that our buildings show significant carbon reductions.

Full Interior Fit-Out in Factory

Our factory-built mods include all interior fit-out: all finishes, plumbing, HVAC, cabinetry and all exterior fitout, including all facade elements. Stairs and elevator shafts can also be included in our modular package. We install more components on the factory floor than any other company.

Made in the U.S.A.

We are proud to be the only American-made modular high-rise builder in the Northeast. We have executed a collective bargaining agreement with the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York and Vicinity and are able to work closely with unions on building projects.

Taking construction to new heights.

FullStack Modular
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Higher quality. Cost and time predictability. Safer. Less waste. Reduced on-site work. Speed to market.
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