Go from vision to highrise, faster and more precisely with our modular construction technology.


We bring a data-driven, end-to-end approach to developing multi-story urban buildings.

We merge modular building with new construction technologies to bring a higher level of control, predictability, and scalability to development.

In an industry ripe for innovation, our team of design, construction and manufacturing professionals brings an unprecedented level of thought-leadership and ingenuity.

The design-to-build process.

Process - 1. Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment

Run swift analysis on our proprietary site modeling technology.

Get precise projections for design, cost, and schedule.

Generate an optimal modular building design to meet your proforma.

Process - 2. Definitive Programming

Definitive Programming

Define and detail a Modular Blueprint Agreement.

Create an overview of project management, construction and manufacturing design.

Drawings and specs, production plan, logistics, final delivery and erection, and building completion.

Process - 3. Calculated Design

Calculated Design

Develop a detailed digital modular design that meets your program.

Designed for manufacturing, ensuring efficiency in cost and materials, as well as complete quality control.

Proceed with all necessary steps for compliance and implementation.

Process - 4. Optimized Production

Optimized Production

Our 3D model and drawings contain data to drive a seamless, coordinated production process.

Our technological planning systems leave nothing to chance.

Factory production of mods and sub-assemblies begins simultaneously with the site-work.

Process - 5. Accelerated Assembly

Accelerated Assembly

Completed mods are transported to the building site and stacked by an on-site team skilled in modular assembly.

Minimal on-site work needed, including mateline connections, finishing the hallways, final roof installation, and elevator installation.

Commissioning of building systems.

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